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My TCC E-Portfolio

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My plans for what I have learned during this semester are to apply my new and old knowledge to achieve my associates in general studies (math). I am planning on becoming a math teacher at the middle school level and am hoping that this class has greatly improved my speech in both the written and the spoken forms. It took me a while to finally decide on not only a grade to teach but a subject as well. I am proud of my self for what I have achieved so far, and am looking forward to the future. At the moment I am working very hard towards my goal of becoming an instructor and cannot wait until I am able to walk across the stage and say, "I am another person who can help guarantee our future through our children." This is something that I have heard instructors say for years. I believe that this means that they not only believe in the children but they believe that the children will help to create a better tomorrow. This is all that I have dreamed for, for the last year.

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Tidewater Community College
Family web site, this is one of the most important things in my life.
This is the website for the convention I go to. It is fun to go and see people dressed up as someone else for a few days.
My email
Sono Yami Sekai (The Dark World) This is a story that I started writing a few years ago.
This is a picture of the curtain call of the play I was in that became the inspiration for "To Dream of Success"